Sunday, October 3, 2010


Here's what we're dealing with at the Cawlamone residence:

Snot Fest 2010.

Sorry. But it's everywhere.

A quick trip to the pediatrician confirms it's just a common cold. Welcome to cold and flu season, Des! Poor bugga is miserable, but he's a trooper. If he doesn't learn to crawl by trying to get away from the crazy lady constantly wiping his nose, I'll be surprised.

Of course it didn't take long for me to catch this thing. Desmond hands out open-mouthed kisses like candy, and I can only reject my baby so many times. Love hurts, right?

7pm and I'm off to bed with a box of tissues. I am not a good sick person, so forgive me if the blog is lacking until this thing blows over.

Healthy vibes are welcome!


Anonymous said...

Poor babies!! Hope you all feel better soon!!

Judy Cawley said...

Anonymous = Mom/Nana

Jaclyn said...

FEEL BETTER!!! xoxoxo

Sarah said...

Thanks guys. We're hanging in there.

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