Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It was a busy day. Daddy and Grampa have been doing a lot of work on the house (pics and updates to come!), so Des and I went to the park for a while.

Then Daddy took Des to a couple of the neighbors houses for trick or treating tonight.

Desmond as pirate and Tony as... Terry Francona?

Des doesn't quite grasp the concept of dressing in costume and knocking on doors to request treats. It was really just so our friendly neighbors could see him in his costume. They got a kick out of it.

However, Des does grasp the concept of bath time. And how freakin fun it is.


Great day.

1 comment:

Jaclyn said...

Holy crap. The tub picture is so cute! And him in the swing, he looks so different. I wanna come home!!! WAAHHH.

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