Thursday, November 26, 2009

Long awaited update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It seems that every year we have more and more for which to be thankful. This year is above and beyond the norm. Not to get all corny, but we've been through a lot recently and it's made us realize how lucky we are. As Tony put it so simply lastnight, "I like my life."

So in honor of the holiday, and in a lame attempt to summarize what's been going on with us over the past month and a half, here is what we are especially thankful for:

1. Tony turning 30 and all of the friends and family who helped us celebrate:

It was our first real party in the new house, and I was so preoccupied with being the hostess that I got very few pictures. But I assure you, it looked beautiful. Tony had a slide show of 'before' pictures looping on the TV and it helped to show everyone the amount of work that has gone into our home over the past 10 months. So many compliments for us and the boys at Choice Woodworking, Inc. And the party was a great time also. We fit about 50 people into our open and airy space. We couldn't have asked for a better way to ring in Tony's 30th year. And I am eternally grateful for everyone who helped me out before/during/after the party, as I wasn't exactly in top form in my delicate state.

2. The growing Butterball basting in my bellah:

I am almost 34 weeks at this point and it's absolutely surreal. I can't say it's been an easy road, but we're headed into the home stretch now and I'm feeling pretty good. We're not nervous yet, just excited and anxious. We want to meet our little man! As they say on St. John, baby soon come. :-)

3. Having such a big amazing family with lots of kids, and reaping the benefits!
This will be grandchild #9 for my mom and Tony's family has a couple little ones as well, so we've been lucky enough to be given many hand-me-downs... Furniture, decor, clothes (for me AND the baby), etc. We're not ones to need everything to be new and fresh. In fact, I kinda like the idea of using items that have been lived in and passed down with our families. We're still working on getting the nursery together. Once we do we'll post plenty of photos for the ol' blogosphere.

4. And lastly, we are thankful for the 15 years and hundreds of memories with our beloved Barkley, who went up to doggy heaven just last week.

He was a good dog, our best friend and first 'baby.' We miss him terribly... the house doesn't feel the same without him in it. But it was almost like he wanted to give us time to get ready for our human baby. So thanks, buddy. For all the happy times and for making us learn to work as a team when things got tough toward the end. Hopefully we're a little more prepared for this time in our lives because we were lucky enough to take care of you.

So have a great holiday everyone. Remember to tell those around you how much you love them, even your pets. And thanks to all for reading! We'll try to be better with the updates.
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