Monday, May 17, 2010

4 months

4 months ago our lives changed forever. The moment Desmond came into the world was not just the birth of our son, it was the birth of our family and a new life for all three of us. I can't think of any other moment where there is such a tangible line between before and after. Everything is usually a process... It took us a while to finally realize we wanted to start trying, then there was the process of :ahem: conception, 9-10 months of baby cooking, hours of labor and pushing. And then.. BOOM. One second we were a happy couple holding hands through the pain of delivery, the next we became a family, all our arms full of eachother.

It's like the earth was rotating one direction our whole lives, and in that moment the world stopped and began rotating the other way.

Tony called me at work this morning to tell me our little boy rolled over. I saw it last week when he flung himself around in a frustrated fit to reach a toy. I grabbed my phone to call daddy and tell him of this great milestone. We cheered and laughed together. Oh how big our baby is getting.

He has two teeth poking through his bottom gums. You can see the faintest white dots. When they're bothering him, his fist never leaves his mouth and drool constantly oozes down his chin. Oh and the crying. The screaming, whining, wailing, and tears streaming. "Mommy, Daddy I'm in pain make it stop!" I would lay down my life to ease your pain, baby. But all you need is my knuckle to gnaw on. That helps for a short time.

He's finding his voice more and more. The sweet simple noises of "a-ghee" and "kkhoo" have turned into loud, lilting melodies from high to low and everything in between. It seems like every day he finds a new note. Here's his singing face:
Can you hear it?

God, If I had known how good it could be, we would have started a long time ago. And now I want 10 more. Tony is in trouble.

Smooching on my boy:

As daddy says, "You can't spell 'smother' without 'mother'." And I can't help myself!

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mommas out there.
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