Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekends on a Budget

Things are tight lately. Or as we often say jokingly, "We po'." Not reeeeally. But kinda. So when we want to get out of the house, we try to take advantage of what our area has to offer for the budget conscious (read: po'), like us.

Our local library offers passes to museums, parks, and zoos at a super cheap price. This past weekend we had some beautiful autumn weather, and we decided to head to the zoo. Regularly, admittance would be $11 per adult (bay-buhs are free). With the library pass, Tony and I were just $2 each. That's a savings of... here I go doing the math in my head... beep-boop-bop-beep-bop-beep...$18!

I know $18 doesn't sound like much, but percentage-wise, that's like... don't ask me to do the math on that, my head will explode.

You have no idea the joy it brings us to save money. It makes us go "Eeee!!" And to have a fabulous family outing on top of it? Priceless.

We kept trying to point them out, but this was the first time Des really saw an animal. The bears were hard to miss. He stared. And then he kicked his legs like crazy. I'm pretty sure he wanted to wrrrastle with 'em.

He LOVED the big cats. Legs a-kickin' all over the place.

He's got big cats at home. He aint scurred.

I highly suggest looking into your local library. Also, did you know that you can borrow books from there? They just let you take them home. Without paying. And then you bring them back when you're done so your house isn't cluttered with dusty paperbacks.

What is this magical fairy land? And why am I just discovering it now?


Sarah said...

I love the library! Thomas Crane in Quincy offers free classes - I have taken a few really cool cooking classes there for totally FREE. I also think the late fees I pay because I can never return a book on time helped fund their new wing :-P

Tony said...

Re: Late fees. I checked out a book the other day and they said... "You have a balance on your account for a late fee" and in my heads "I was all oooohhhh no, what's the damage...!"
15 cents. Wohoo! I gave them I quarter and said keep the change!

Sarah said...

Also - you may already know about this but if you check out WEEI they have a section of their site that is all 1/2 price deals to restaurants/attractions/fun stuff around here. There a great deals to be had there and its always being updated!

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