Sunday, October 17, 2010

All Over the Place

People told us that once Des started crawling, overnight he would be all over the place. How true it is. Three days after he made his first forward movements, he was able to go from one side of the house to the other and back.

It's fascinating to watch. Maybe I'm setting him up for bad habits, but I've been letting him explore and try different things (short of eating garbage or touching a hot stove). He pulls books and DVDs off shelves, opens and closes cabinet doors, tears apart magazines, and chases the cats. It's a learning experience for me too... I have learned that we still have a lot more baby proofing to do.

These explorations are all fully supervised, of course. With camera at the ready.

The other day he made his way over to the entrance area, quite taken with the shoes over there.

Mama's brown boots. Cute!

Delicious too.

An old pair of flats.

He was not as keen on these, I guess.

Remind me not to include these photos in my application for Mother of the Year.


Jaclyn said...

Oh my gosh. The picture of him spitting up made me laugh. Sorry Des! Ya you will get over seeing him pull things off of the shelves soon enough I am sure haha!! The boot pic with him eating the heel is so funny too. I love this stuff!! :)

Katie said...

So cute....your little guy is adorable! I read your post on the bump and found your adorable blog! It looks like our little guys are close in age. Isn't it the best?

Sarah said...

Jac, oh I know it will get old. You should see the 'play pen' Tony has set up. Ha! Katie, thank your for the kind words. The photos on your site are absolutely breath taking! What a beautiful family.

Jaclyn said...

I got to see the play pen area during skype! I love it :)

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