Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So Much Better

We're all feeling better, hurrah!

It's true. Although this update is really just an excuse to get that sad, snotty photo of my poor son off the front page of this blog.

Des and I took the day off yesterday to recover.


Very necessary and it totally did the trick. I woke up this morning still a bit off, but able to go to work and send Des to daycare. By late afternoon our runny noses, headaches (me), and loss of appetite (him) were all bettahh!

My boys are the best.

The world is a beautiful place when it's not covered in mucus.

I'm working on a multi-part entry that I just started tonight. It's bringing back a joy in writing I haven't felt in a while. I'm hoping to get the first installment up within the next couple of days. Stay tuned!


Jaclyn said...

Glad you guys are better! I love that pic of my bro and him,omg....

Jaclyn said...
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