Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coming Through, Intro

Remember that multi-part entry I vaguely referred to a few entries ago?


Last year we had a scare. It was a bizarre blip on the radar of my generally healthy life, still difficult to explain or talk about. I can’t remember a lot. It was out of nowhere and then never really resolved. But I want to share what I do recall and what I’ve been told happened. Piece it together in a way that makes some kinda sense. Then I can paint a picture, point to it, and say “Here. Here’s what happened.” For me. For my husband. For our son to read one day. Mostly for me.

I hesitate to make it public. It’s profoundly intimate. But maybe sharing it all will resolve something inside me that doctors and medicine can’t. That’s my hope.

I have a feeling it will read like a poor man’s Picasso recreation, with a little Dali and Escher sprinkled in. I’ll call it Crazy Stairs.

Oh no, did that hit Crazy Stairs?

Part 1 to be posted soon. At this point I don’t even know how many installments there will be. It’s ‘coming through’… albeit slowly.

I’ll continue to post Des updates and light-hearted entries in between. And maybe the health recaps once a week or so. Otherwise I might go a little crazy. If I’m not already there...

1 comment:

Jaclyn said...

When I think about this time, I think about you being up in the hospital bed while I was at the caf with my parents and brother. I will never forget the emotions I felt for my brother and you that day. I will never forget seeing his sobbing face and the things he said that made me tremendously shudder and feel sick with sadness. But you were up in that hospital bed and you(and baby to be) were ok.... Thank freakin gosh! xoxo

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