Thursday, October 7, 2010


This is Loki-cat. Approximately 10 years old, pushing 20 pounds, and often misunderstood.

- Lounging in freshly laundered clothes.
- Showing dominance over brother, Neely-cat, and most other living creatures.
- Baked goods.

- Physical exertion.
- Gates, doors, and any other barrier from places that require investigating.
- Pet carriers. This panther cannot be caged. Rawr.

Unsure of:
- That tiny human. Or could be strange looking cat. Will keep safe distance until further notice.


Jaclyn said...

Sarah!! Oh my gosh!! That was sooo funny!(even though I am not sure it was meant to be?!) I read it to Tony. That cat is a strange one.

Sarah said...

Thanks Jac! I really tried to access my inner Loki. ;)

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