Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Project Baby: A Progression

Maybe it's just because I am knocked up myself, but I am fascinated by baby bellies and seeing the progression through the weeks. Going through it myself and seeing others go through it on various message boards and email groups, I realize that every person is different. I hadn't gained any weight in the first 16 weeks, and then BAM. What's up 8 pounds. Nice to see you there... on my rear. And everywhere else.

So here is my progress so far, in photos. (Please don't mind the messy background. I haven't made it to the nesting stage yet.)

13 Weeks -

14 Weeks -

16 Weeks -

18 Weeks -

19 Weeks -

20 Weeks (halfway there!) -

I'll continue taking photos, as painful as it might be the larger I become. And believe me, I'm getting bigger by the day. I figure this will be something interesting to look back on.

And hopefully a few months after delivery I'll be able to post a proud photo of myself back in fighting form. Wishful thinking?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brief Update on a Long Journey

Wow. I just looked at the date of our last post and realized how long it's been. As if we're finished with the Peach Orchard Project! Oh heck no.

In fact, in light of some other.. ahem.. projects in the works, the theme of the blog may be morphing a bit. While we'll continue to post about house-related happenings, we'll also be sharing our adventures in pregnancy and parenthood.

Come January a little boy will be joining our world. :-)

Excited is such a stale word. We are so far beyond that. We need to invent a new word for how elated and terrified and impatient and fulfilled we feel. If anyone's got anything, let me know. isn't helping.

There have been some bumps along the way, including a scary hospitalization and continuing health issues. But Tony and I have handled this as we deal with most everything else in life. With jokes and laughs and intense devotion to eachother, and always surrounded and supported by our family and friends. If anyone has a better word for 'lucky,' I'm looking for that one too.

On the home front, things have been great. We're living in a lovely home with finished floors and walls and lights. Crazy! There are a few minor touch-ups to paint and pictures to hang and window treatments to finish. Oh and that new issue of a nursery to think about. (Yikes.) But as we gradually cross off big and little items from our list, we've just been enjoying our house.

We have a million photos to upload, of house projects and a growing baby bump (20 weeks, half-way there!). Hopefully I'll be getting to those this week. So stay tuned! More updates to come. Things are really shaking up around here.
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