Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stairway and Artwork

We've slowly been checking projects off of our list. Sometimes things get started, half-way done, and then left for a while. Life gets in the way.

A big one that we touched upon in a previous entry is the new stairway built by the boys of Choice Woodworking. Everything is brand new, from the treads to the risers to the railings, etc. Nick and Paul stained the treads and railings dark to match the wood floors upstairs. And everything else is a crisp white.

The boys finished their beautiful handy-work a while ago, but Tony still had to do some touch-ups on the white paint. So it only recently became officially completed. Here is the finished product:

So preeeeetty.

Although I can't seem to find a proper 'before' photo, here is the old stairway mid-demolition:
Dirty white paint and a blue carpet on the treads and risers. They had seen better days, obviously.

The crafstmanship is admired by all who see the new stairs... including by Nick and Paul themselves who are over all the time anyway. ;-)

A more minor project we've been gradually catching up with is hanging stuff up on the walls. We have so many random mis-matched frames and mirrors, it's hard to make sense of everything. So I tend to overthink where pictures should be hung, therefore leaving blank walls throughout the house. But here's one spot that's done:

Dining room. Photos of our trip out to the Southwest.

An obvious choice for the bathroom... photo to be hung on the wall. We purchased this at an auction, piece by the one and only Jenny.

We also put a mirror up in our entry way, which looks decent. So many more to go.

And here's some progress on the biggest project in our lives, Project Baby:

25 weeks

26 weeks

Getting there!
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