Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Boys of Summer

One of my favorite parts of summer is baseball. (So cliche, right?) I'll watch it at any level, any day... Little League to the Majors and everything in between. I wouldn't be a true Boston native if I didn't live for the Red Sox. One of Tony and my first dates was at Fenway. And hi, have you met my husband? He's a lil' cuckoo. One year he went to every.. single.. Sox home game. Free of charge.

I should make him post that story some time.

Truth be told, my favorite games are Tony's. He's been playing in a mens night baseball league for 8 years. My bro-in-law Nick and some other friends play in the same league. All the games are played at a beautiful field less than a mile from our house. I'll usually walk down with an insulated mug full of wine and spend an evening chilling with my sissah Janet at the field.

Tony's always telling me to get a hobby. Is it wrong that I consider this one? Okay, I joined a book club, get off my back.

It may or may not be totally coincidental that there will also be wine at book club.

This year I've only been able to attend a few games due to the early bedtime of He Who Runs Our Lives. But it is so fun bringing Des down to the field. Even if he doesn't quite understand what's going on yet. I made him a cute little outfit to show daddy some support:

This year my cousin Justin has also joined the league. He plays on the same team as Nick (The Green Shamrocks), and they are holding strong in first place due in large part to their new ace.

The night the Crush played the Shamrocks, a bunch of the Cawley clan made the trek up north of the tunnel to see the boys play.

Photos courtesy my sister Deanna.

The bad guys won (green), but it was still a fun night.

As everyone talks about the end of summer, I think about the end of the season and how much I'll miss taking Des down to the field as a baby. Next year he'll be walking with me and want to play on the swings.

And I'll have to make a bigger t-shirt!

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