Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crawling update

... Okay, we're not there yet.

I had hoped to post an entry with the title "We're on the move!" with all kinds of photos of Desmond progressing from one side of the room to the other.

Hey, no rush! All babies progress at their own pace. But ya know. People are starting to talk. They all ask "Is he crawling yet?" No. No, he's not. I get it. Des is 8 months old now, and looks quite a bit older. Tall and lean like his daddy. People see him and assume he's walking, nevermind crawling.

And I think his size is partly the reason for the delay (for lack of a better term). Those damn long limbs getting all tangled up in themselves.

So in lieu of crawling photos, here are some pivoting photos. He's got the pivot down.

Start position.

Quick like a cat!

Beautiful 180 degree turn. Form, grace, skill. He's got it all.

Ooh! Something shiny!

And eventually... back to the start.

Extra points for cuteness.

Don't listen to those people talking, baby. Take your time on the crawling. You're the best pivoter ever.


Jaclyn said...

I can't believe I am gonna miss all this stuff. Totally bummed :*(

Sarah said...

Jac, you're not missing much right now! Hopefully he'll be crawling by Christmas. ;-) Hug a palm tree for us!

Jaclyn said...

I am sure he will be and he will be in EVERYTHING! Like the cat box! hehehe just kiddin ;)

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