Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time Savers

Evie is my ultimate hero lately. If only I could stop time with my index fingers, the things I would do. Get the laundry done! Do dishes! Cook a proper meal! Maybe finish that novel I've been working on. Yes... defintely that.

Months, days, minutes seem to be slipping through my fingers like water. I can't catch my breath! POOF! My newborn baby, pink and slimy and screaming at the light of the outside world, is now 8... months... old.



Oh hello there, giant human boy. Could you help me with my novel?

In light of my recent frantic feelings of PANIC and DROWNING and slow everything down for a second PLEASE!! ... here are a few time saving tips I've learned along the way:

- Choose head-to-toe outfits for the week and iron on Sundays. This doesn't happen every week, but when it does, my mornings are a total breeze. Cuz I'm not running around figuring out which (clean) top can go with these (unwrinkled) slacks, and which shoes are the right height for all the running around I have to do, and my necklace. Where's my necklace? ('It's hard to live with a lie'.. obscure reference alert.)

- Do everything possible the night before. Make bottles for daycare, replenish the diaper bag. Make breakfast/lunch/snacks and have them ready to bring to work. Place laptop bag and purse at the door, keys and sunglasses out on console table.

When I start getting my toothbrush ready for the mornings by placing it on the bathroom counter with a dollop of Crest, I need to re-assess my life.

- Timed coffee maker. Get one. Just scoop the grounds and water into the machine the night before, Harry Potter swings by to wave his wand, and coffee is there when you wake up! Magic is awesome.

- Night showers. It's so much easier to bathe after the baby's asleep and the house is quiet. Much more difficult trying to squeeze in a shower in the morning after spotty sleep with a whole other person to get ready too. Plus I treat it as a relaxing time after a long day. Bathing as spa treatment. Life got weird.

- Try to do these things and any other tedious house work when the baby's sleeping. Easy for me to say with my champion sleeper, right? Hey, I said 'try.' And when he's awake, sit on the floor, make funny faces, and dance around the house. The dishes can wait.


Jaclyn said...

Harry Potter came by my house too in Burlington! I hope he finds my new place when we get in it.

Sarah said...

Harry Potter visits coffee pots around the world!

Mike said...

Wow he's getting big!

Jaclyn said...

HAHA! Yes, Harry does :) I've been wanting to buy all those movies but they aren't in my budget. I love Harry, but not like how I love Edward.

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