Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jaclyn's Big Adventure

One of the closest and dearest people in our lives is off on a big adventure. Just in time for autumn here in the northeast, Tony's sister Jaclyn has gone to seek out the palm trees of Southern California.

She is driving across country with her boyfriend Tony (I know... another Tony!) and her cat Opie. She started a blog to share the tales of her adventure. See it here:

Palm Trees

If I could, I would have installed a camera in the dash to watch what happens. It would be the best reality show evarrrr. But the blog is the next best thing.

This is something that Jaclyn has wanted to do for years and years, and we are super happy and excited for her. But we will miss her so much. Like... A. LOT. I'm getting a little teary thinking about her not being around for a while. That girl lights up a room. She can talk about her trip to the bank, and everyone will listen and laugh their butts off.

Even Des knows that Auntie Jaclyn tells the best stories. He is mesmerized by her. She would watch Des for us every other Friday and I know he is going to miss her. But we will see her very soon!

Best of luck, Jac. See you on Skype!

We can live beside the ocean
Leave the fire behind
Swim out past the breakers
Watch the world die


Jaclyn said...

Sarah that was very sweet of you :*) I miss you guys all sooo much already. I wish you could've installed a camera in dash too!!! HA!

Jaclyn said...

Hey I didn't see my favorite song there before! COOL :)

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