Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fire Pit Fridays

Speaking of favorite things about summer...

This year we started a tradition of blazing up the fire pit on Friday nights. We invite friends in the area, and whoever can make it comes over if they can. Attendance has ranged from 3 (including me and Tony) to 15 people. Very low-key, chill, like most things in our lives. Bring brews and throw some burgers on the grill. Maybe we'll use plates, who knows. It's the weekend! Everyone's just lucky Tony's wearing pants.

Des even has his own fire pit chair! Although he's usually asleep for the bulk of the action. We'll teach him to hang with the gang in due time.

It's something to look forward to at the end of a long week, and a perfect way to enjoy a summer night with friends. On the really late nights (I'm talking like 12-1am... PARTY. ANIMALS.), it can make for a rough Saturday. Des is up around 5am, no matter how much I beg him, "Mommy's got a headache, baby boy. Just sleep a little longer." What's up with 7-month-olds these days? So unreasonable.

But the recovery day is totally worth it. The smell of smoke and bugspray, so many stars above, a cool breeze if we're lucky. And stories around the fire.


Gibby and Des watching Daddy prep the pit.

Some day we hope to turn this area into a stone patio. Maybe get some chairs from this century. Times are tough, but we still have fun.

Chad Dixon. Adventurer, world traveler, dog whisperer.

Jaclyn's last night on the east coast, spent with family and friends at FPF.

We'll keep up these weekly pit get-togethers into the fall, I'm sure. But it is such a true summer activity. I'm looking forward to autumn, but I will miss these summer nights.

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