Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dining Out

Tony and I used to go out to eat at least once a week. Usually more like two or three. We'd start the month all, "Yeah, let's plan our meals and stock the fridge and cook recipes and whatnot!" Bright eyed and full of good intentions. But then we'd get lazy, stare at the fridge, and be all, "Let's just go to Outback."

Nowadays we have a real reason to stay home every night. Financially and logistically, it just makes sense. And now that we're in the rhythm of cooking for ourselves, going out actually seems like a hassle!

But we still get out every once in a while. Usually for Mexican because it's not our favorite thing to cook. And I love a good margarita. As you can see:

Hello love. Oh, and hi there Desi boy.

Now that Des is sitting up and eating solids, he's very easy to entertain. Keep tossing puffies on his tray and he's a happy boy.

And getting out of the house gives him a chance to get his flirt on with the waitresses.

Come here often?

Just don't eyeball his food, or he will eyeball YOU.

Hey, we don't get out much.

Happy birthday to our friend, Danielle, aka DINK. She's joining the Dirty Thirty club today! And in celebration, she started up her blog again. Yaay!!

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