Saturday, November 6, 2010

Goodbye Loki

A picture of happier times

Our cat Loki passed away. It happened quickly, seeing as the original Loki post was written less than a month ago and we had no idea he was sick. But he was sick. And it wasn't that post that jinxed him, like Tony says. Stop making me feel guilty!

Maybe because we'd see him every day and didn't quite notice, it took a comment from my sister Janet to make us see.

"Whoa, Loki looks thin."

We looked at our kitty and then at eachother. Oh my god, he does look thin. Something's wrong. I'm not saying Loki was fat... okay, he was fat.. But this cat also had a presence about him. King Loki. Loki, the god of mischeif. He would puff his chest out and look down on the rest of us. His brother Neely would play with toys and Loki would turn his nose up like, "Really? Psh. When's dinner."

Our big, beefy Lokester was losing weight rapidly.

Tony's mom came over to look at him. She's the resident Cat Lady around these parts. Her initial thoughts were not good. She's been around a lot, A LOT of cats. So you have to take her word. Loki's an older cat and sometimes they just know when something's wrong. Loki knew, and he stopped eating. Finally he was too weak to go on and Tony took him in. He's at peace now.

There's something missing from the house. We all feel it. I feel the worst for Neely, Loki's brotha-from-anotha-motha. Now Neely's all by himself. So we've tried to pay some extra attention to him lately.

He's enjoying the attention. But I know he misses his brother.

RIP Loki. Be nice to Barkley up there.

Pic circa 2002

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Jaclyn said...

Nothing like a cry on a Sunday morning to start the day. Tony looked at me and went and got me some toilet paper, ha! We obviously don't have tissues ;) I like "He would puff his chest out and look down on the rest of us" that made me laugh :) He was a big, handsome kitty, that did have a soft side to him and I don't mean his belly. And a wicked loud purr! Bye Loki...miss you and love you...

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