Friday, November 12, 2010

Of Food and Love

Much like my hesitation to post about Desmond's amazing sleep habits, I fear talking about his eating. As soon as I do, he'll start slapping food off his table and request only white bread. NO CRUST. But honestly, right now, Des is a champion at the dinner table. A champion, I say!

When we started him on solids, we kept a list of all the foods he ate. We stopped adding to the list a while ago because it was getting out of control. Instead I started a list of foods he wouldn't eat or didn't like. Here's what it looks like:


Yup. Nada. Every time we try a new food I'm on the edge of my seat, wondering if THIS IS THE ONE he'll refuse. Haven't found it yet.

We're not giving him anything overly complicated or sophisticated. Just the basics... fruits, vegetables, meats, breads, and cheeses. But so far every new food we try he's fine with. He picks it up with one hand, pokes at it with the other, slowly moves it to his mouth, makes his New Food Face, and chews. After that first bite, it's business as usual.

The kid loves broccoli, for crying out loud.


And peas. And hummus. And avocado. My mom is cringing right now. When I tell her we gave him brussel sprouts, her head might explode.

And it's not just the variety of foods that he eats, it's the sheer quantity. He is going to eat us out of house and home. We can only put a few bite-sized pieces of food on his tray at a time, or he will just keep shoveling everything into his mouth until the tray is clear. When there's nothing left on his tray, he whines.

Umm helloooo! Why is there no food in front of me right now?!

Because we're trying to avoid having to perform the Heimlich, darling.

Here's a typical lunch for Des:

Toasted wheat bread with cheese, steamed broccoli, 1/2 a banana

And yes, he ate almost the entire thing, except some of the crust which was too toasted for his liking.

With regular meals like these, how shall I say... he's testing the limits of his diapers. And the contents of said daipers are testing the limits of my gag reflex.

But I'm not complaining. My boy is active, growing, healthy, and HUNGRY.

These neck rolls didn't just appear overnight. It takes work, man.


Erin said...

I also have been impressed with Annie's eating habits lately! She had a slow start, and has some off days of course. For the most part, since we've been moving more toward table food, she does awesome! The only thing she's outright refused is spoon fed avocado. I was really sad about that until I tried just giving her chunks of avocado to feed herself... and low and behind she ate a ton of it. I felt like a tricked her... and it was awesome :)

Marcel said...

good to see he is eating healthy

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