Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Photo Outtakes

This weekend we attempted to take a photo of Des for our holiday cards. It was a team effort. One of us would take the picture, and the other would hop around like a lunatic trying to make the him smile. We learned some things. For one, Desmond enjoys early 90's dance fads, such as The Running Man. Skankin'-it-up is a close 2nd. Hip hip! We also learned that the attention span of a 10-month-old is about as long as my pinky finger.

We took two thousand eleventy guhzillion and one photos. There might be one or two that will work. Maybe.

Most of them look like this:

Dudes, this dog is WACK.

He's behind me, isn't he.

How's the hair, is it okay?

So over it you guys.

I'm seriously considering another photo shoot this weekend. Tony better get his dancing shoes on.

p.s. Check out the blog of our friend Chris, of Chris and Jeannie, parents to adorable little Logan. It's called Dad Gut. Adventures of fatherhood, health, fitness, and family. It's already a daily read around these parts!


Jaclyn said...

I am cracking up looking at the pics and reading what you say he is thinking! So funny! Whatever you choose will be perfect :)
I just wrote about the running man in a FB post! haha.

Jaclyn said...

Oh crap, so I was so busy laughing and telling you that, that I forgot to tell you he looks so freakin handsome and adorable....

DiDi said...

He's so right...that dog IS wack! :-) Des is so adorable!!!

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