Monday, December 1, 2008

From the past to the present

While Tony hashes out the history of our house (he knows it much better than I do, having lived there off-and-on for 25+ years), I'll try to recap the present. Right now we're in a state of controlled disarray... which makes no sense, I realize. Let me explain.

We bought this house over the summer and rudely kicked our roommates the heck outta there. I keed.. our roommates were Tony's sister Jaclyn and our good friend Paul (who you'll hear much more about, as our good friend Paul is a certified contractor... Score!), who were kind enough search for their own domains, giving us newlyweds/property virgins the space we craved. While we lived in the downstairs bedroom with our elderly beagle, they were living in the 2 upstairs bedrooms. These bedrooms have ample square footage and high cielings, and we were dying to get our hands on them.

We'll get more into the details of what we've done up there so far, but in short we took care of all the demo (tearing up carpet, getting rid of impractical closets), framed out some new closets, put up sheetrock, and painted. Oh, how we painted.

The big dramatic change was going to be the wood floor... Of course I can't remember the name of the type of wood, but it's dark and the planks are wide (5 inches) and sort of rustic-looking. My dream flooring, basically.

We always knew there was a slight pitch to the existing floor. We chalked it up to a quirk of an old house. But as it got closer to the installation day, the boys got worried. When I say 'the boys,' I mean Tony, Paul, and Nick (brother-in-law, Paul's business partner, and also a licensed contractor. Choose your friends wisely, folks). Sparing you the gory details, there are issues... support beams too small, too far apart, possible foundation problems.. human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! (Name that movie).

I don't know exactly what's going on because I'm a girl and my job is to find the perfect area rugs and window treatments to make the rooms pitttty! The guts of the house are for the boys to sort out, while I cover my ears and go "la la la!" Suffice to say, there's way more work to be done than was expected.

The reason that this disarray is controlled, is because it's mostly limited to the upstairs, which we already lived without utilizing for a number of years. The mess has not yet spilled out to our general living space, unless you include the boxes upon boxes of precious, beautiful wood flooring just BEGGING to be installed that are sitting in our dining room.

We'll get to you some day, floors. And that day I will do snow angels in your woody goodness.

Plenty of updates to follow.


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Ding ding ding! Won't be the last time that movie is quoted in this blog.

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