Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

The honeymoon stage with the new appliances is in full swing. We've already used the heck out of all of them, including the over the range microwave, which has liberated a TON of counter space. Who knew it was all hiding under the grubby old micro? Anyway, the appliances are so pretty and I talk to them sometimes. I hugged the fridge last night. It's possible this renovation project is making me a little nuts.

I purchased new curtains for the front room from Target. I'm bummed that they're not on the website so I can't post a photo. But I'm not totally convinced they'll work anyhow. They have to be better than what was up there previously... $12 goldish green sheers from Homegoods that had seen better days. Blech. And now with all the trim painted white up against our light taupe-gray walls, we needed something new. We'll see how it goes.

Hanging the curtains is on the list among a bunch of other things:
- touch up red door
- prime all remaining trim (kitchen, dining, bar)
- paint after priming
- hang new blinds in kitchen
- hang energy saving window panels over french doors

We're supposed to get snow tomorrow. The reports range from 4-6 inches, to EPIC OMG FREAK OUT kinda storm. Who knows.

Welcome to New England!

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