Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome Home

Tony's home! Didn't even know he was away, didja? I don't like to broadcast that lil' tidbit of info across the internet, along with our street name and a photo of our house. Might as well leave the doors unlocked and a plate of cookies for the rapists and murderers. I sleep with a bat next to the bed. There, I'll advertise that info.

To celebrate Tony's return from a family holiday in Florida, guess what we did? If you guessed a romantic night out of wining and dining... you guessed wrong! Last night I lay in bed watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 while Tony was upstairs hammering away at the floors. I had to turn the TV up real loud too, cuz he was making tons of noise. How annoying! (note: Barkley never woke up. Poor lil' deaf dog.)

Saws, hammers, drills, lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Who knows what the dilly was going on up there. Actually, I do sorta know. He was tearing up the top layer of flooring in upstairs bedroom #2 down to the subfloor so The Boys could get started on leveling out the floor. I think. The good news is that BR#2 is not nearly as pitched as BR#1. So there is some silver lining.

After hours of back-breaking work, Tony made his way down to spend some quality time with me and the dog. And promptly passed out in bed. He works hard, that one. Boy did I miss him.

This weekend - LOTS on the to do list. And I plan on actually contributing to the work, at least a little.

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