Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary (a day late)

Four years of married life. It's strange how something can feel like forever and yet at the same time like it's only been the blink of an eye.

I never thought I'd get married. I knew I'd find The One some day, but I assumed we'd be perfectly fine living Oprah-style, as partners in life without formal vows or the law getting involved. And we did that for a while. 7 years of playing house before we finally gave in to what our guts were telling us all along.

Each year that passes I grow more confident and content in our decision. It's not something that we needed, it's something that we wanted. Our wedding day was a time to show our family and friends that we choose each other. Every day in our marriage that's what we are doing... making the choice of us. As individuals and together, we are better for it.

It's an easy choice to make. Because my husband is the biz-omb. And he'd probably say the same about me. Maybe not that exact word. But something comparable. I strive to be like him and to be the best person for him.

Tony is level-headed, reasonable, take charge, funny, outgoing, kind. I am more the artsy type... impulsive, introverted, easily overwhelmed, nurturing, too smart for my own good. Somehow we level each other out. It just works. We are a match. Also, additionally, and furthermore... that boy still gives me butterflies. :smile:

And now we have this:

Can it get any better? We have a lifetime of adventures to find out.

Happy anniversary, my love.

Wedding photos by Jenny Frazier.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!!! You are both truly blessed to find THE ONE. Above all, enjoy each other....and Mr. Des!..this is the time of your lives!


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