Monday, May 30, 2011

What Des Learned on Vacation v.3

Trucks. Are. AWESOME.

He calls them "Dus." Dus is a general term for truck, car, golfcart, lawn mower, etc. Our gas grill has wheels and he calls it "Dus." So... He knows what he means though. And we do too.

On St. John our neighbors down the road were doing some construction on their house. There was a yellow digger truck in the yard, and the fervor with which he pointed and yelled "DUS!" at this thing as we went by each day... It was like Santa was driving it.

We walked down to watch it in action. The driver beeped and pointed the bucket at Des. If there is anyone better than Santa, it's that guy.

There's a beach called Maho Bay. It's always been a favorite of ours, but this trip it was a particular hit. Mostly because the street is RIGHTTHERE. You park next to the beach and unload. When you have a shitload of crap including 4 beach chairs, bags of toys, 4 towels and a Neat Sheet, a cooler full of food and drinks, etc., close proximity to your landing spot is a good thing. Also, being so close to the road, little boys who love a good "dus" can watch them drive by all day long.

Des knew how amazing trucks were before our trip. But down there he learned that trucks are awesome... as long as they're not too close.

This was our vantage point from the car ferry back to St. Thomas, as a cement truck backed on to the barge.

And here's video of Des watching a second cement truck back in to park directly next to us. Pay attention to the 22 second mark when he jumps in his seat, the following moment of shock, and then the end when he breaks down into tears.

I think that was a fitting end to the trip.

And yes, this was another goddamn vacation entry. Expect at least one more and then I'll shut my trap and get back to the interesting stuff like baby snot and poop and whatnot.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

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