Monday, June 13, 2011


I'm not sure whose idea it was so many months ago. But someone in my crazy family decided we should all go see New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys when they come to Fenway Park. It would be a belated 30th birthday celebration for my sister Janet! And baby Guppy would also get to enjoy the sweet sweet sounds of Step By Step.

Oooh baybeh!

We somehow managed to get 12 tickets together, thanks to my savvy husband. The seats were great, the company was ideal, and the show was a blast!

The ages of our group ranged from 11 to 64 and everything in between. We still all had an amazing time. We're good like that.

I thought the New Kids were going to look all old and depressing. But they didn't! They were fit and fresh and on-key. They took off their shirts a lot, so we got a good look.

Nick was Hangin' Tough. The beer helped.

Bill was a trooper too.

And then it started raining. Many buckets. But it couldn't dampen our spirits!

My sister Maureen said that watching me and Janet sing and dance to the New Kids was like a flashback to 20 years ago. There were many flashbacks happening that night.

It was such a fun night, a great way to start the summer.

Many of these pics were stolen from my cousin Breanne, our gracious host for the weekend. Thanks Bre!

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