Friday, June 24, 2011

Too Old for This?

A few weeks ago it was all about celebrating the pre-teen/tween days with our boys from Boston, NKOTB. Lastnight I went back to the era of my late-teens/early 20's to see the Bouncing Souls, a punk rock band from Jersey. Many many memories have been made listening to those guys and going to their shows back in the day. It was time to make some more memories... as old people.

Tony and I and our buddies Nick and Paul headed into town to grab a bite and catch the show for some nostalgic punk rock action. It was a weeknight, so we were livin' it up like the young people do!

When we got to the door of the Middle East and noticed what time the Souls were going on, we shuddered in our cardigans. 10:50? PM?? Oh dear god. That's, like, 3 whole hours after I usually change into my old lady nightgown. Breathe. Everything will be fine. I survived months of newborn wakings, I can get through one early morning after a late night.

We planned to grab a slice and a cheap beer at the Hi-Fi, a hole in the wall pizza place across the street. But as we walked in we were hit with the memory that the Hi-Fi is really only good for apres-show slices. Sober, you kinda have to choke it down. Blech. So we ventured down to the Asgard irish pub for good beer and decent sandwiches. Much better choice, senior citizens.

When we finally headed into the show we found the ultimate Souls fan, Dink.

Can't see the Souls without Dink. We chatted for a while, drinking our tallboy PBRs, and she made the time fly by. Before I knew it, the band was going on. I made it! I can't believe it! And I only yawned a half a dozen times or so!

The Souls were... amazing. I was jumping up and down like a lunatic. They're just fun and chill and not so serious.

Whooa-oh-oh! Great show. Great times.

It was worth it, but I'm feeling it today. It'll be a while before I go out on a weeknight again. Kids don't care if you're out late. I swear, they'll wake you up at 5am just to spite that crap.

For good measure, here's Des 'helping' with the laundry:

He keeps me young.


Marcel said...

never too old to go see bands. sick of people saying this!

Jaclyn said...

Old lady nightgown! Wicked funny. I hate going out during work nights. I feel like I won't have as much fun haha!

Sarah said...

Marcel, it wasn't so much seeing the band, as it was staying up late on a weeknight that I'm too old for! 3 days later, my body still hates me for it.

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