Monday, June 20, 2011

The Perfect Day

At least it was perfect in my mind. And it was Father's Day. So I hope Tony enjoyed it too.

I let Tony sleep in yesterday, which means he woke up a little past 8am. I was.. ahem... not feeling well, due to a little too much fun at our friend's wedding the night before (Congrats Sarah and Adam! Such a blast). So I threw on Buzz and Woody and let the kid veg in front of the tube as I rested my eyes on the couch. Why yes, I am a fabulous mom, thank you.

It was a beautiful lazy family morning. We spent a few hours recovering, munching on breakfast, and getting ready for the day.

We had lunch at our favorite Mexican place. Des was a funny little angel, a bit of a change from recent antics in restaurants. Mad props to my boy for that.

And I enjoyed a little hair of the dog. It did the trick.

That afternoon we went for a long walk, as the weather was amazing, and we stopped for ice cream. Des enjoyed his first bites of a chocolate cone and kept coming back for more. So okay everybody, he is officially Tony's son now. I know you were all worried.

Later we filled up the kiddie pool and laughed as Des climbed in and out and splashed all around, giddy with excitement. I'd post pics but they're mostly nudes. And that would be creepy. What, the kid enjoys the fresh air on his nethers. Again.. his father's son.

Later after Des went to bed Tony took a bike ride down to the baseball field and caught up with old friends. I enjoyed some alone time with laundry and the Real Housewives.

We both fell asleep early with the windows open and a kitty purring at our feet.

We haven't had a day like that in a while. It was much needed.

Happy Father's Day, my love. You are the most incredible father I could have ever hoped our son would have.

Check out my Father's Day piece on the Patch. It was a fun one to write.

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