Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Des Learned on Vacation v.1

I'm still suffering from a major case of Real World Re-entry Depression, so the next few blog updates will likely be St. John/vacation related. You have been warned.

Desmond learned a lot while we were away. It was like we flew down with a baby and came back with a little kid. I always suspected that island was magic, but now I know.

We were able to capture many of his mad skills on the Flip cam. And I just keep watching these dozen or so 30-60 second clips over and over. Here are the first clips in the series of What Des Learned On Vacation.

We have a walker, folks.

I know I posted previously about his first steps. But since then the extent of his walking ventures were 1 or 2 steps, and then crouching down to a crawl because, you guys? That whole center of gravity thing is way more stable down there. And so are toys. They're all just laying there on the floor, might as well just get down there with 'em.

Somewhere between the beach and the villa, we saw a switch flip in his head.

So wait, I can hold 2 toys AND transport them from here to there while remaining at the same level the whole time? And then my Nana will loudly rejoice and shower me with praise?? Yes please!

For real, the kid likes to put on a show. This is a whole new side of him. He sees people psyched he's doing something, and he wants to do it over and over. Simply adorable.

Now we're home and he's walking all over the house and he's already taken a header off the coffee table with a nice little shiner to show for it. Home kinda sucks.

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Jaclyn said...

YAY for Des!!! Very cute :) Can't wait to check out his walking skills in person.

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