Tuesday, May 10, 2011

North Carolina

'Memba that time we went there? That was a trillion years ago, huh. It was fun.

Our adventurous flight down brought us to beautiful weather in the charming city of Raleigh. We spent most of our time that weekend in and around the neighborhood of our welcoming hosts, exploring trails and parks and enjoying the company on their patio. It was a lovely time.

Totally embracing Southern culture.

We also went to a kid's museum that was pretty much heaven on earth for little ones. Everywhere we turned there was head-exploding amazingness. Shopping carts and trains and water and trucks! YES PLEASE times a million.

Yes, we're at the train tables again, why you even gotta ask?

Before we headed down, I was most nervous about the flight (already covered in previous entry) and Desmond's sleeping. On our last weekend getaway he barely slept. He'd wake up at 2am, ready to go for the day, and then refuse to nap. That weekend is a blur, we were so exhausted. I was hoping, praying, pleading with the gods of slumber that history did not repeat itself.

We went in with a positive mentality. We would encourage, but not force naps. We would try to stick to his regular bedtime, but be flexible. I'm shocked to say it went much better than expected.

He pushed his bedtime a little later, which was actually kind of nice. He slept through the nights and woke at a reasonable hour. And he took at least one good nap each day. And if/when we let the 2nd one slide, he was not a complete melting mush of tears.

It's all extremely encouraging for future adventures. We're hoping that repeated exposure to different places and spaces will make him better at adapting to new environments.

Who knows, maybe next time he'll be Toddler Zombie Warrior from Hell. But we're just taking it all in stride.

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