Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Springing Forward

Despite the fact that there were some major flurries yesterday in Massachusetts, the snow is pretty much gone today and we are ready for Spring. Like... really, really ready. I'm wearing a bright yellow sweater. I just need some pom-poms made of daffodils and I'm like a cheerleader for springtime today.

With this time of year comes a very busy schedule for us. Birthdays, holidays, first communions, graduations, weddings, showers, etc. All of the above and so much more is on the calendar.

On that note, to families with busy schedules I would highly recommend Google Calendar. You can share it among other Gmail members, so Tony and I are constantly updating it as things come up. We can both update and view it from work or home or on the road. It has been a godsend. It has also served as the final word in any scheduling snafus between husband and wife. As in, "I have a hair appointment that day, IT'S IN THE CALENDAR." End of conversation.

Ahh marital bliss.

Some of the more exciting plans we have involve traveling. In April we'll be heading down to North Carolina for a long weekend to visit John, Abbie, and Carly Grace. They made the move down South from New England last year and we've been meaning to visit for some time. Now we get to see what all the hype is about! We have a lot of catching up to do with those guys.

And in May... It's back to paradise. St. John, USVI

I know, I know. Every year I say we're going to try some place new, but then I start drinking heavily, growing a beard, and babbling, "We have to go back!"

Sigh... miss LOST. Miss LOST so much.

We wanted to take a real week-long family vacation. And we're jonesing for the beach. Plus with the baby we wanted it to be safe, comfortable, and familiar. So... Basically I don't even know why I researched any other place because I knew we'd be going back to The Island.

This time will be different. Obviously the baby complicates matters. To help with that issue, we invited my mom along. We're super excited to have her and to share our very special place in the world with 2 very special STJ newbies.

And here's the view from our villa:


The countdown is on. Luckily I'll be busy busy busy so I won't be driving myself crazy with anticipation!


Erin said...

We're getting another snowstorm here tomorrow. Sigh.

I'm with you on the Google Calendar love. Since I like using various colors to indicate which person/type the appointment is, we have 4 - Ben, Erin, Family, and Meals. I made Erin and Family both the same color so blue always means something I have to do. Also, I hate it when Ben puts something on the calendar but doesn't make the appointment for the proper length of time - ie, a happy hour is just put from 4-5, instead of 4-7. I guess you could say I'm a little anal.

Such a great idea to bring your mom on your trip!

Anonymous said...

Super jealous of your upcoming trip to St. John!! And you should know, I just laughed really loud at your "Lost" reference before I even scrolled down and saw Jack! I miss Lost too. Oh, how I miss it!

Sarah said...

Erin, I've been trying to figure out the color thing! I'm gonna need a lesson. Also, your trip to Mexico was an inspiration for our travels. Jeannie, I knew you'd appreesh the Lost reference.

Erin said...

Sadly, I'm not much of an expert - Ben set most of it up, but I did change the colors on my end. I think you can only have one color per calendar... but I'm not really sure. This is when I'm thankful to have a hubs who is a software developer and knows how to figure this crap out :)

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