Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slow Girl Buys a Smart Phone

Ladies and gentlemen, I have joined the world of the Smart Phone. Hey, I'm like 3 years late to the party. But what else is new. I'm slow, and I'm okay with that. Technology in general tends to make my eyes glaze over. And I am cheap as hell. So it's a miracle I'm not still carrying around that sad, heavy brick of a phone.

I went with the iPhone. It never entered my mind to even consider an iPhone until they jumped over to Verizon. Then the wheels started turning. A few weeks ago I finally made the plunge and I haven't looked back since.

Learning the touch pad has been slow going. At the store, the clerk kindly set up my email on my new phone. He asked me to type in my email address and password. That was embarrassing. It took 10 minutes and numerous swear words. When I turned to Tony and said, "Will you just do this?!" he was busy with Des. So there I went, plugging and cursing away. The sales guy barely blinked an eye at my sailor mouth. Must be used to it with us newbs.

Other than the learning curve with the typing, which is A LOT better now, I'm loving it so far. Learning all the ins and outs is going to take a while. The only non-standard apps I have right now are Facebook, something that locates sexual predators in our area, and Instagram, as seen here:

Shockingly, my new fancy phone is full of this face. Just trying to remember these times, when he's not yet embarrassed by his tech-dummy mom.

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