Thursday, August 19, 2010

Late Father's Day Gift

If you're friends with me and Tony on Facebook, you know that we are constantly posting new photos. Me and Des, Daddy and Des, family/friends and Des... Des, Des, Des. First Time Parent Syndrome, what can I say. So I was shocked to realize recently that we had yet to capture a single photo of the three of us together. Travesty!

So one of Tony's father's day gifts was a picture frame and a note inside that said: Reserved for Family Photo. I had requested the services of our friend Scott who dabbles in photography (check out some of his impressive work here), who mentioned that he was looking to get some experience with portraits. Then we spoke with our neighbors who maintain a beautiful, lush garden to request the use of their yard as a backdrop. Our yard is a bit... dry. Overgrown. There may or may not be an old transmission hiding under a bush. Landscaping is a skill we have yet to master.

Right around Desmond's 6-month birthday we finally captured our family together. Despite the extreme humidity (as my auntie would say, 'I was in a lather'), and a baby who WOULD. NOT. NAP... we had a fun time and Scott got some really great shots. Here's a preview of just a few of our favorites:

Now the tough part is picking the few we want to frame and display.


Auntie said...

Sarah Anne....those pictures are gorgeous! I would LOVE a copy of your family portrait! You're so cute quoting one of my often-said phrases!!!! Love you guys!

Sarah said...

Thanks Auntie! We'll be sure to get you one.

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