Sunday, August 15, 2010

From the Mountains...

In light of the fact that my vacation time is all but depleted (thank you, extended maternity leave... totally worth it), as well as the fact that traveling with a baby poses certain challenges, we are working on perfecting the art of the local weekend getaway. If we can get there by car in >3 hours, we're in!

So when my family proposed a long weekend in the mountains of New Hampshire, we were so there. It took a lot of planning (see previous post), both among my extended family and within our little 3 person pack. But it was pretty much the perfect weekend. The weather cooperated, the home we rented was beautiful, the company was a blast as always (my fam would have fun in a paper bag, I swear... as long as there was wine ;-), and we took full advantage of everything the mountains have to offer.

The only mission that went unaccomplished was a hiking trip for the 3 of us. When we tried to put Des in the hiking backpack for the first time, his head was too low and his arms too high. He's a big boy, but not quite big enough. Perhaps in the fall.

So far on these day trips and weekend getaways, Des has put his toesies in the ocean, a river, a lake, and a pool. A trip to Walden Pond has been added to the list!

And perhaps the warm waters of the Carribean? Can't get there in a weekend. Sigh...

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