Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Braintree Roads, Take Me Home

This weekend Tony and I had our first real night out without the peanut to attend the wedding of one of my oldest friends, Diana. Nana (my mom) was nice enough to watch Des for the night while we partied it up in Plymouth with the old gang from Braintree. The wedding was fabulous, Des was a perfect gentleman for Nana, and the recovery day was not as bad as I thought it would be!

The gorgeous bride and groom.

Jenny, Sarah, Sarah, Jenn, sharing names and lookin' like Mardi Gras!

Us. Aint he handsome? Every day I pray that Des gets those dimples.

Ahh my friends. Some of the regulars are missing from this photo, but the spirit is always there. We've been through the awkward teen years, the wild party years, illnesses, break-ups, building our careers and familes. Through it all we are always there for eachother. Probably at a gay bar belting out Mariah.

The stories I have on these people would make a great pitch for the Real Housewives of Braintree. Bravo TV? Hook a sistah up.

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