Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An Exercise in Packing

I've written about the packing situation with baby before. This weekend was our first real vacation with the kiddo. For a 4-day, 3-night trip, I started The Master List a week in advance. I have to show you this thing. It is epic:

x - Bumbo with tray
x - Jeep stroller
x - Exersaucer
x - Bouncy chair
x - Hiking backpack
x - Bjorn
x - Pack 'n play
x - monitor

x - bowls and spoons
x - bottles, covers, and nipples
x - pump and parts
x - formula
x - breastmilk
x - babyfood
x - prune juice

x - froggy
x - monkey
x - scout
x - teething rings

x - shampoo and conditioner
x - razors
x - face wash
x - face lotion and body lotion
x - make-up
x - hairbrush and hair dryer
x - elastics and bobby pins
x - medicines
x - toothbrushes

Baby clothes
x - short sleeve onesies (6)
x - long sleeve onesies (2)
x - shorts (3)
x - pants (2)
x - sweatshirt
x - PJs (3)
x - sun hat
x - bathing suit and surf shirt
x - sunglasses
x - bibs, burpies, face cloths
x - diapers, wipes

Mommy clothes
x - jean shorts, tank, cardigan, birks (wear)
x - tank tops (4)
x - t-shirts (2)
x - long sleeve shirt
x - skirt
x - sweatshirt
x - cargo pants
x - yoga pants
x - white socks (2)
x - flip flops, sneakers
x - underwear and bras (4)
x - army hat

x - beach towels
x - pillows
x - bug spray
x - bug net
x - sun screen (baby and adult)
x - motrin
x - baby blanket
x - Nintendo DS
x - ipod
x - both cameras
x - phone chargers

I hope most of you skimmed through that, as I would have too. I just had to show the sheer insanity of leaving home with kid(s). And my obvious sick pride in how organized I was in planning for this. I am by no means a type-A personality. My mind is a bit of a frazzled mess most of the time. Come to my home or look at my desk on any day of the week to see for yourself. I rely on lists like this to organize the chaos. If it weren't for The List, most of this stuff would not have made it and we'd be running around last minute throwing whatever we could grab into the vortex of the car. We'd get to the destination and think, "Wait.. why did we bring the blender? 8 bathing suits, but no toothbrushes? OMG WHERE'S THE BABY?!"

No, I did not put BABY on the list. It's a miracle we remembered him.

Tony was in charge of his own clothes. Yes, sometimes I let him dress himself. His wardrobe is basically grown-up sized Garanimals anyway.

Oh, and the x's denote that it is packed. Not in a bag, or on the landing of the stairs. I would not mark it with an x until it was IN THE CAR.

We had a beautiful trip to the mountains with the Cawley clan. Photos and stories soon to come.

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Abbie said...

I totally do this too. I actually carry a note pad in my purse for the multiple lists I have going at once. A grocery list, a target list, a things to pack list. Most recently party lists: who to invite, what food to buy, what decorations to buy!!

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