Monday, December 27, 2010

Photo Update



Been a while.

My lazy, pajama-clad self is not able to put these past few days into words yet. Once I get back into the swing of using my brain and forming sentences and making any kind of sense in written form, I'll post a proper recap of our first Christmas with Desmond. Or maybe not. Maybe it was all too magical, wonderful, warm and sweet for words.

Anyway... For now, I give you photos.

Auntie Jaclyn came home. She did not let go of Des for many hours.

He was totally fine with that. As were we.

There was Christmas Eve.

And Christmas morning.

And Christmas day, which was apparently so crazy I don't have a single photo of it.

Then there was snow.

Shoveling and 'blowing' of said snow.

And watching of said shoveling and snow blowing.

Then someone came to the house, took our baby, and replaced him with this toddler looking kid.

He will be 1, as in year old, in 19 days. Which is a whole other can of worms.

I am off to bed for a good night's rest, during which I will hopefully become bathed, skinny, and totally ready to do actual, real life, grown-up work this week.

I am in trouble.

1 comment:

Jaclyn said...

I has such a good time :) Cute pics!! That snow is UGLY haha!

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