Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Gram

I am big into the holiday season. About a week before Thanksgiving I start to get all giddy with anticipation. I'm not the kind that goes nuts decorating or shopping or wearing jingle bell earrings. I'm more the kind that sits on the couch with a cup of cocoa and a warm blanket, listening to Christmas music and looking at the tree. Ahh the music, the movies, the nostalgia. This time of year gives me the warm and fuzzies.

I think it also takes the edge off the slow descent into the depths of New England winter. But let's not talk about that right now.

And can I take a moment to thank the lord baby jesus for online shopping? Because if I had to go near a mall during this time, my feelings on the holidays might be leaning a little more toward the dark side.

So far, introducing Des to his first holiday season has been a blast. He helped with the lights:

We watched my favorite holiday movie together.

He is a fan. How could you not be? 'Oooh what's a Christmas Gram, I want one!'

We attended our town's tree lighting ceremony on a super chilly night, which was quite a shindig.

Des was not that psyched about the fact that Santa came in on a Fire Truck. Little boys with sensitive ears are not keen on fire trucks. But it was a fun night.

I bought Des a new pair of PJ's just for Christmas Eve. They may be Christmas PJ's or they may just be 'winter scene' jammies. Jaclyn will decide in t-minus 12 days.

There are still some items left to do. For one, Des does not have a stocking yet. I have my eye on one. I guess I'm waiting for a sale at Pottery Barn.

We also have to bring him to see Santa so he can tell him what he wants. Today I had the TV on and Des discovered Pillow Pets. I have a feeling they will be on his list:



Jaclyn said...

Winter scene!! OMG too funny! They were! haha :) I agree about the online shopping. The stores give me anxiety this time of year.

Jaclyn said...

Oh ya and today in an email to my bro I wrote 12 days! I'm so excited. I CAN NOT WAIT.

Jeannie said...

I ordered Logan a PB kids stocking a week after we got home from the hospital.. and got one for me and Chris too that say Mom and Dad. They better have the same stockings when and if we ever have another baby.. not that I even want to think about that yet. ha! And amen to your comment about online shopping. How did people live before the internet?

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