Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love and Laundry

My husband does many daily chores very well and unrequested. Dishes, trash, cooking, cleaning, food shopping. He picks up and drops off Des from daycare. He feeds him dinner and has ours ready when I get home. I recognize that he is the best and I am super lucky. He's not just my soul mate, love of my life, best friend... he actually does stuff.

All I ask is that he stays away from the laundry.

The other day I went upstairs to fold a basket of baby clothes that I had washed the night prior. But the basket wasn't where I left it.

"Tone, where's that load of laundry that was up here?"

"I put it in the wash."

"Dude, that was CLEAN."

"Oh. I was just trying to help."

Bless his heart.

Back in the day Tony used to have a sock drawer. But not your typical sock drawer. It was full of single socks, randomly strewn about. Every morning he'd fish around for two socks that were close to the same color and style and put them on.

Matching socks? Sorting by color? Folding t-shirts? HA! He laughs in the face of such nonsense.

I am not anal about many things. But laundry is one of them. I actually enjoy the mindlessness and simple organization it requires. Call me a weirdo, but there is nothing better than pouring a glass of wine, putting on an episode of Hoarders, and folding a load of fresh laundry. Who's with me?

The cheese stands alone.


Becky said...

Although I'm not a fan of doing laundry it's also one thing that I ask my husband to stay away from as well. This post had me laughing! I can very much relate to the husbands lack of laundry skills.

Sarah said...

This is like our house but opposite. I am not trusted with the laundry and I am DEFINITELY not trusted to fold since I dont "do it right". Apparently one should fold socks instead of rolling them so as not to stretch the elastic. Who knew (probably you?) :-)

BrewEngland said...

It's true. Clothing is supposed to be folded and hung in a manner so as to not create wrinkles. Just sayin'. haha

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