Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Okay, so the whole Christmas tree ordeal started off a little rough. But all's well that ends well. Here are some photos of the process, from the ugly beginnings to the beautiful final product.

Our sad panda of a tree. I totally choked under the pressure, guys.

Tony's quick fix. Way to salvage it, Salamone.

Let's get to decoratin'.


See Desi, the ashtray ornament Daddy made in the 2nd grade goes waaaay back here.

Final product. Blue lights and an angel that almost doubles its height. Not bad though, right? I think we pulled it off.

And I'd like to note that Tony's ashtray ornament made it front and center. I did not realize it until going through these photos. I'm so full of the Christmas spirit, I just might leave it there.



Jaclyn said...

I see the ashtray! Hope you left it in the front :) haha. How funny! I was just telling someone about those ornaments. The tree looks great!!

Jeannie said...

The tree looks great! And you even have wrapped presents under it already? Go Cawlamones!

Sarah said...

Yes, Jac the ashtray is still there. Tony puts up with my weird egg ornaments, so I'll give him that one. Thanks Jeanne! We had our Cawley Christmas with all the kids this past weekend, so I put those there for effect.

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