Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Time

I can't believe it's already summer! I feel like I missed a good chunk of the year because it was spent at home with a newborn, sleeping and waking in 2-3 hour intervals. Days and nights were turned upside-down, oozed into eachother, and somehow months have gone by without my realizing.

And p.s. In two weeks, Desmond will be 6 months old. So uhh.. that's happening. Wow.

I missed a lot of what I love about summer last year because I was pregnant and pudgy and exhausted. There's also a good chunk I can't even remember due to that whole seizure-hospital stay fiasco. So this summer is going to be the Summer of Sarah!... and son. And. Soul mate? Tried to find a good s-word for Tony. Stony. That's it, I'm calling him Stony for the rest of the Summer.

Our plans for summer are always pretty much the same. Day trips, camping, beach, pool, family and friends, maybe an overnight here and there. Now that they include the little one, these adventures will be a little more complicated.

For example, this past weekend we took a trip down to my mom's house for a day at the beach and an overnight at her cottage. Here is how we packed the car for ONE DAY:

There was more in the back seat too.

We used to pride ourselves on our packing skills. We could take a single bag between the two of us for an overnight and be dandy, fly anywhere for a week or two with carry-on only. Those days are obviously long gone.

As are the days of bikinis (thank you, stretch marks) and spending all day on the beach with drink in hand. But that is a-okay with us. We seem to have more fun now on Desmond-time.

Our first trip to the beach was a success! Although by the time we got there, Des was hungry and in need of a nap. We fed him and tried to lay him in his beach tent, but with all the commotion around, he wasn't having it. Despite the slight crankiness, we got a couple hours in, were able to relax and laugh and soak in the perfect weather (with sunblock of course!). Every new experience comes with challenges, but they get easier each time.

This weekend will be more beach, pool, and fun in the sun with our little (and big!) family. Can't wait!!

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