Thursday, July 15, 2010

6 Months

Dear Desmond,

You are six months old today. I can't even believe it. Every day that passes seems to be better than the last.

You are rolling over like crazy now. You started rolling back to front early on. Took a while for you to get the hang of the other way. But now that you got it, we can't take our eyes off you for a second! We've made it 6 months without any injuries. If you're anything like your mother, that streak could end any day now...

You started eating solids recently. Francesca (your daycare provider and great friend) said, "I can't imagine him not liking anything." And it's true, you took right to it! You love oatmeal and peaches and pears and avocado. Pretty soon we'll introduce peas and squash and mango. And like Francesca says, I can't imagine you not liking them too.

You are a giggling fool! Every day we find a different tickle spot. And when we do, daddy and I will sit there and listen to you laugh forever. We laugh to the point of tears, give you a break, and then do it again.

Your smile is so big and wide. Any time you hear our voices or see one of us, you show us that beautiful grin. I will miss those gums and those puffed out cheeks when you start to get teeth.

You suck your thumb a lot. Never really took to the paci, which is fine with us. The thumb is always there, even if it can sometimes take a while for you to find it. When you're fussing in your crib, we'll stand outside the door whispering "Find it... find it." And you always do.

Des, you are such a joy. Easy, laid back, and quiet... (most of the time). A lot like your parents. Every morning you wake up smiling. You fight sleep sometimes, but you give in soon enough. Daddy and I have spent so much time watching you sleep. (Is that creepy? Sorry if it is.)

We say to eachother all the time, "I love him, you know." God we really, really do.

Here's to the next 6 months, and a lifetime of smiles, laughs, and milestones.

To the moon and back, little man.

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