Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Desmond's 1st Birthday Party

Warning this entry is extremely picture heavy!
On that note, all photos are by Scott Barbick. Editing by me (so don't blame Scott for that!).

Desmond's first birthday was Saturday January 15, 2011. What a day. It was an overwhelming, joyful celebration for our little one. It took a lot of work by me, Tony, and many other hands, but I think we pulled it off. Everyone had a great time (at least I hope so!), including the birthday boy... as long as he had a veggie stick in his mouth.

Truth be told, Desmond is not into crowds. And perhaps for future birthdays we'll keep it a little more low key. But we needed this. For him, for us, and for our whole family. We never had a christening or dedication or anything like that. So this was really a celebration of our first year as a family. We made it. Phew.

I made this banner with my own two handsies. I hope he likes it, cuz it will be the center piece for many birthdays to come.

When we realized how many people would be attending, we took a hard look at our home. I half debated renting a hall. But instead, we took our open concept living space, removed a lot of the furniture, and replaced it with hall-like tables and chairs.

It worked out very well. We'll definitely be using that idea for future parties.

To the surprise of everyone (and yet no one), Auntie Jaclyn flew in all the way from California for the ocassion. And the tears flowed like wine. Auntie wouldn't miss her "lovie's" day. Des will appreciate that one day. For now, we appreciate it for him, in spades. Love you Jac!

4 generations of Salamone men.

So many presents. Billy and Katie helped out.

Katie enjoyed the gift portion of the party very much. Also, the lollipop eating portion. And the portion where she entertained everyone with her hilarious charm. So.. the whole party.

Sorry, Tony... your quick wit is no match for Katie's hilariousness.

Desmond was not a huge fan of the cake. At that point, he was pretty done with his party. But we even tried the cake the day after, in a calm environment. He still was not having it. I don't think he liked getting his hands all squishy, and the idea of putting the squishy stuff into his mouth didn't seem to cross his mind... despite EVERYTHING else in his wake getting in there one way or another.

I have such gorgeous nieces.

What a day. What a year. Happy birthday, Desi boy.


Jaclyn said...

I had such a great time. I know I would have been verrryyy sad if I missed it. Awesome party guys! Good job with everything :)

Jaclyn said...

OH! I forgot to say that I love the pic of the 4 generations of Salamone men! So cool... And ya, definitely keep the bday sign you made :)

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