Tuesday, January 6, 2009

If these walls could talk...

...they would say "where's that new floor..and what the hell did you do with the ceiling?!"

With the holidays behind us, we've ramped up the work on our...project. I guess it's just one big project now. It needs a name. Suggestions?

After a night full of drinking and rockbanding on NYE, I woke up early (11am) to get started on removing the old decorative ceiling tiles. They came down fast. I bagged them all up in hopes the trashmen would take them the next day. They did! We've had good luck with getting rid of the demo to this point.

So the tiles came down, then it was the strapping, then there was wallboard, and of course more strapping. Although we vacumed 90% of the area above the ceiling, there were some areas we couldn't reach. So we blocked off the kitchen and living room with plastic.

Basically we wanted to keep the mouse poops out. And of course the chipmunk carcus.

The next day we moved on to cutting the rest of the floor out of Bedroom #1. Then I cut the ceiling wallboard into smaller pieces and gave them a little kick to loosen them. Sarah was in rare form pulling the celing down from the kitchen below. She even got a heavy dose of dust and mouse poop from an un-vacuumed piece of the ceiling. It was fun to watch from above.

So, here I sit in the living room. It's one of two rooms that are currently live-able. That's until this weekend when we expose the wall separating the living room and bar. We'll be migrating the big TV and PS3 back to the bedroom. The living room will be one of the last rooms that is finished in this whole deal.

Once the new framing is done, we'll slowly get back the rooms, less the ceilings/floors. But that stuff will fall in place. The kitchen will be useable, and the dining bar/great room will all be useable. We won't be able to move anything upstairs until we lay the floor. But that will happen quickly after the new framing. I am thinking Bedroom 2 first, as I am going to need a place to study (back in school, fun!).

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