Friday, January 9, 2009

Living in a block of swiss cheese

We're missing a ceiling and a couple walls. There's dust evvvvverywhere, no matter how many times we attempt to clean it up. It's like there's another layer hovering in the air, waiting in the on-deck circle for it's time to lay down on every surface as soon I bust out the bottle of Pledge.

The other night I went to boil some water and when I put the lid on the pot, it was covered in dust. This lid that had been sitting in a DRAWER for the past week. HOW?? The dust is hunting us. Clever girl.

There are floor-to-ceiling(ha!) sheets of plastic separating the front room, the dining room, and the kitchen. Getting from room to room is noisy and cumbersome. Tony cut out a little flap at the bottom of the plastic for the cats to move through. They picked up on it immediately, I was shocked. Maybe because I'm so used to Barkley, who would have looked at the flap, looked back at us and shrugged. He not smart.

Things happen on the weekends and then the midweeks are spent in limbo, dealing with "the pit" as best we can. Both Tony and I have been at varying levels of sickness the past week, so 'dealing with it' consists of going home, wiping the dust off of whatever dinner we scrape together, and then resting in bed with the dog.

Tomorrow Tony's electrician friend will be coming by to do some work. We ordered the lumber for the framing of the ceiling/floor (Did you hear that? That was our bank account whimpering.), so the boys should be able to start work on that next weekend.

This entry was not meant to sound whiny and complainy, but I'm afraid it comes off that way. I really just wanted to paint a picture of what it's been like. I think we're taking it all pretty well in stride. Tony would say the same... Right hun? I'm doing good, RIGHT??


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