Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dudes and Shoes

Tony's shoe wardrobe consists of 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of dress shoes, and 1 pair of flip flops. He wears the corresponding shoes for the appropriate occasions, and he wears them until you can literally SEE THROUGH THEM, and then deals with weeks of his nagging wife pestering him to buy a new goddamn pair already, before he will even consider purchasing new ones.

The nagging wife also buys all of his shirts, pants, shorts, socks, undershirts, and underwear. But the nagging wife stops at shoes because she knows how he gets all "Waah I don't like thoooose" about his footwear.

I think the $10 off coupon to Sports Authority we got in the mail was the final sign that it was time to say bye bye to these pretties:

They have seen many miles, with many holes to show for it.

I went shopping with Tony, because, well.. god only knows what he'd come back with. And really, I'm not picky. Obviously I don't care that much about what he puts on his feet if I am often seen in public with him walking around in the above pictured monstrosities. But the poor guy just has no clue. He needs my help.

At the store I held up some of my favorite options... Adidas shell-toes, cool looking Pumas, skater like Converse. All shot down. He needs support and function and... not cute. Oh well, I tried. Of all the supportive, functional, affordable options, he went with these:

Totally fine. Totally Tony. At least there aren't any holes. Give it tiiiime.

I'm trying to break the cycle of footwear abuse with Desmond. Unfortunately, cute, affordable shoes for boys are ridiculously hard to find. This pair from See Kai Run (LOVE SKR, btw) has done us good, but they've seen better days. I'm on the hunt for a simple pair of sneakers with soles suitable for a first walker. I've literally spent hours online trying to find some. Sigh...

I guess now I understand why some guys just keep 3 pairs around.

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BrewEngland said...

I must not be like other dudes, because I have several pair of shoes...granted, aside from my dress shoes (4 pair), they are old like Tony's and should have been thrown out years ago (specifically my Chucks and Pumas). The exception is my NB shoes I bought in the fall.

Do cleats and hockey skates count too?

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