Thursday, April 7, 2011

And We're Back

The sickness that hit my boys sure packed a punch, but it was merciful in its quickness. And whatever vitamins and prayers I threw out there in my own defense seem to be doing the trick. I'm in the clear so far, just hoping it stays that way. For now, we are all healthy and happy and sleeping ridiculously well.

Last night Des slept 12 1/2 hours. He was wearing new hand-me-down jammies from his cousin Katie. We think they were magic jammies.

To celebrate our new found health and the upcoming spring, Tony and I will be attending the home opener for the Red Sox on Friday. Baseball in 40-degree weather. Gotta love Boston. The Sox are off to a tough start. Maybe we'll get to see their first win of the season!

I have not been to a single game in more than 2 years. First I was pregnant and would have spent the whole game staring down people's beers with drool dripping down my lip. And then I had a baby I didn't want to leave the house. I really miss it. Prior to getting knocked up, I can't remember the last time a season passed without going to a game. Since I met Tony we've been to, ya know, a few games. Including almost every home opener.

Like this one in 2005:

And this one in 2008:

My memory suuuuucks. It usually takes a photograph or a painfully detailed narration to jog back the images. And even though I don't have an actual photo of it, I can clearly recall the night of one of our first dates in 1999, at Fenway Park of course. I can't tell you anything about the game other than Pedro Martinez pitched. We sat in the grandstand on the first baseline, in the middle of a row of about 20. I always hated those seats because if you had to get up, you were forced to ask 10-12 people to stand up for you. But it didn't matter because we stayed put. For 9 innings we sat in those uncomfortable blue seats, sharing memories of growing up going to games. And becoming best friends immediately. Who knew we'd share so many more Red Sox memories.

Like Camden Yards in 2001:

Ugh. That's an embarrassing photo.

And Toronto in 2004:

And San Francisco in 2004:

That's Pedro behind us. And that's where we sat the whole game.

And Wrigley Field in 2005:

The 2004 World Series clincher at The Pour House in Boston, just the two of us and hundreds of other die-hard fans.

The 2007 World Series final game of the sweep in Denver.

We've been on the Monster.

In the EMC club

And everywhere in between.

So nice of Tony's coworkers to congratulate us on the Big Board!

Even though it's going to be in the 40's tomorrow, and it will probably be my only game of the season, I am sooo looking forward to this. It will be nice to spend an afternoon with the love of my life doing something we have always loved to do.


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