Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

Before the whole Sleep Strike 2011 began, we had another eventful evening recently.

In the middle of the night, Tony and I were abruptly awakened by Neely. It was not unusual that he was in our room, as he is free to come and go as he pleases. But we typically can't hear him. He is a dainty fellow, light on his feet and silent. You can't hear him coming unless he lets out one of his soft little "mew"s.

So a muffled "MREWEOW" followed by the raucous scatter of kitty claws all over the wood floor was a bit of a shock at 1am. We both shot up in bed, trying to figure out what was going on. Were we dreaming? Is it the baby monitor? Tony turned on the light.

Thinking back to Neely's recent conquest and not seeing where he was, I said, "Is there a mouse?"

:squeek squeek:


I stood up in the center of the bed and hugged a pillow to my face. I didn't want to see it or hear it or know of it's existence. LA LA LA I'm not here right now! Tony jumped down to scope out the situation. Neely, in stealth kitty hunter mode, had the intruder cornered under a radiator vent.

"CAN I GET TO THE DOOR?" I whisper-yelled to Tony.

"Yes, go now!"

I booked it to the bathroom, shut the door, and stood on the toilet. You can never be too safe.

I heard some further scerfuffle in the bedroom... kitty scatter, "Neely, move!" :squeek:... and then finally :CLAP!:


"It's okay to come out now."

Tony had caught the mouse in a wooden box. Neely eyeballed the box and followed him like he was holding a juicy steak. Tony took the mouse outside... to the car and then drove it to a lovely farm where it could roam free for the rest of his days. Not really. I don't ask questions. The mouse was out of the house, never to return (god please), and that's all that mattered.

We realized after some time to reflect, that Neely likely hadn't found the mouse in our room but had brought it up from downstairs. It was a gift, a gesture of thanks, and maybe a little trophy of his own.

Thanks Neel. I appreciate your mad skillz. But next time, can you get us a nice gift card to Applebees or something? Much love, cat.


Tony said...

For those who are wondering, I took the mouse out to the shed and opened the box up. I know there are a few mice in there because every time I start the snow blower they come running out. Hopefully he was able to make some know, before he died from the cat venom.

Jaclyn said...

HAHA! I was gona write I hope my brother was telling the truth about bringing mouse to the shed!! Remember you said the other mice said they have a great school system here!! Wicked funny haha!! I love the part when Sarah asked if there was a mouse and it squeaked!! Oh man...

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