Monday, February 14, 2011

Mountain Mama

I apologize for the long break between updates. We've been away for a long weekend with family to the mountains. Lots of fun in the snow, gorgeous scenery, and hanging out by the fire with the people I love most.

It was a blast. Some much needed time away from reality.

I went skiing for the first time in my life. Although it wasn't so much skiing, as it was hysterical, out of control zagging down a mountain, and then falling every 30 feet. Cuz that's how you stop, right? By violently hurling your body, your skis, your poles, and the last stitch of your pride into the snow?

Tony said as he was watching me, there were times he could hear my thoughts saying, "OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT."

Hey, at least I looked the part.

Here's me on the chair lift, mere seconds before I panicked, stayed on too long, and finally flung myself off in a frenzy, forcing the operator to press the big red IDIOT button and halt the lift for everyone. Aint I precious?

Despite my assertions that I would never put on a pair of skis again, I will keep trying. I want to like it. I want it to be fun. I think I CAN do it. Eventually, with lots of practice. The first time was just... wow. A clumsy, discouraging, painful disaster. Tony said I surpassed his expectations. Not quite sure how to take that. Either I did better than I thought, or his expectations were very, very low.

He spent the day on a snowboard, his first time as well. And he was like a graceful swan, the bastard. Sometimes it's really annoying how quickly he picks things up.

We have a chance to go to a smaller, more klutz friendly mountain in a few weeks. We'll see how it goes.

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