Friday, April 24, 2009

Craigslist Finds

In light of recent tragic events, I thought I'd show the lighter side of Craigslist. We've actually had some fantastic luck with items we've found advertised on the site. In the furniture section, I assure you.

When it comes to certain things, I am the kind of person who hates to buy new. A new couch, for example, would send me into fits of anxiety for weeks. I'd worry about the cats scratching, pet hair, food crumbs. I'd all but wrap it in plastic, only to take it off when guests arrive. And even then under protest.

I like items that are in good shape but have been lived in and loved. Not only is this a very green way to furnish a home (happy Earth Day!), but it also saves us a ton of green in the process. Here are just some of the items we have purchased recently:

Butcher block kitchen island (to replace the one we trashed for some much needed extra counter space).. It also came with the stools.
A few years old, in very good shape
Estimated cost = $300+
Purchase price = $150

Crate and Barrel couch
1 year old, barely used, great condition
Estimated cost = $1,000+
Purchase Price = $395
(Notice the plastic patch on the corner. Sad attempt at preventing the cats from scratching. But hey, I'm not stressin!)

West Elm chunky console table
Slightly used, just a few scratches that were easily fixable
Cost new = $329
Purchase Price = $90

West Elm chunky mirror (matches table.. no pic)
Slightly used
Cost new = $199
Purchase Price = $40

Crate and Barrel (we think) coffee table
A few years old, some distress marks that give it character!
Estimated cost = $400+
Purchase Price = $100

Pottery Barn desk, file cabinet, and side table (not pictured)
A few years old, some cracks and scratches. Again, character!
Estimated cost = $800-$1000+
Purchase Price = $195

Pottery Barn leaning bookcase
A few years old, some scratches that were easily fixbale
Cost new = $299
Purchase Price = $35

Pottery Barn (we think) chandelier
Must be a few years old, but it looks practically new
Estimated cost = $250-$300+
Purchase Price = $140

So there you have it. It takes some time and effort to weed through the many ads on the site that are not what we're looking for. But it's so worth it. Craigslist has been good to us and we'll continue to use it as we try to fill the empty spaces in our 'new' home.

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Jeannie said...

Those are all great finds! I'm so impressed!

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